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We’re planting 2022-acres of forest across our region, as part of our commitments to support Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in becoming the first ever carbon neutral Games and leave a lasting legacy for our communities. It’s an ambitious plan we know, but one we are happy to embark on, because we know it comes with huge benefits to our region’s environment, water and communities.

We’d love your help to plant these trees and be part of something special.

About the forests

These forests, that will be planted and grown with native UK trees, come with lots of benefits. Not only will they help to offset the carbon created by the Birmingham 2022 Games by soaking up the residual carbon, but they will also improve nature in the area by creating habitats for wildlife. Most of these forests, where possible, will be accessible to local communities, so people can enjoy reconnecting with nature, which is great for our health and wellbeing.

When we care for nature, we care for our water too

When planted in the right places, trees help to prevent flooding and clean our natural water by soaking up rainwater and filtering out sentiment to release back into our rivers, making our water purer.

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How else can I help?

You can help give nature a massive boost, by donating or hosting land – big or small - for one of our many forests. Visit our FAQ’s page for more information.

How does it work: the stages involved
Want to join in the fun and help leave a lasting legacy for your community?

We are constantly sourcing new land for this project. So, if you are interested in join us at one of our tree planting events either this autumn/winter* or next, to help us to create these wonderful forests, please register your interest. We will contact you if a forest location near to where you live comes up, with further details and booking options for you and your party (family and friends are welcome to join in the fun!).

Register your interest and we'll be in touch

Please let us know how far you would be willing to travel and we will let you know if/when a location near you is available.

If you sign up for updates, you’ll also receive news on our progress and information about the trees and forests.

The process from finding land to planting can be quite a timely one, but it’s necessary we take all the right steps are taken to ensure that we’re planting these trees in the right places, where they can thrive and be most beneficial to nature. Learn more about the stages involved in finding land and plating trees.

Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee there will be a location close by to your home, as we need to make sure the land we choose is suitable.

*Tree planting season is from October to March

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